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24/7 Service

LV Solutions services are available for 24-hour emergency support. Call for immediate assistance. Emergency services and fire alarm testing are available regardless of whether or not we took care of your fire alarm installation.

Simple Solutions

From retrofits to new construction, technology projects can present challenges to any owner. Our experienced team can merge a wide variety of technologies and products from multiple vendors into a single, seamless solution.

Certified Expertise

In any technical project, exacting installation and maintenance standards mean proven reliability. We hold a wide variety of certifications, both general and vendor-specific, that demonstrate our technical expertise.

What We Do

Never hesitate when it comes to potential system problems. Even the smallest issues can quickly develop into major catastrophes

Fire Alarm

LV Solutions is a full service Fire Alarm contractor. From simple sprinkler monitor systems to large scale  fiber networked systems including campus wide mass notification and early warning fire detection we  can provide any system solution to protect your facility.


We know that the safety and security of the people and assets in your properties are a top priority. We provide all phases of monitoring for your buildings life safety systems, fire alarm, security, and elevator. Get rid of your costly phone lines with LV Solutions Wireless monitoring solution.


Video surveillance gives you peace of mind knowing you can observe your property even when you are not there. From traditional analog to IP and hybrid systems, all with remote viewing capabilities, we can customize your video surveillance solution.


LV Solutions offers all facets of communication systems for your business. Systems include: Nurse Call, Area of Refuge Rescue Assistance, Intercom and Two-Way Telephone entry. We can provide you with turnkey solutions for all your communication system needs.

Access Control

Securing your property is of the utmost importance, controlling when access is allowed to your property and by who is equally important. LV Solutions strategic partnerships with Industry leaders allow us to provide our customers with the right Access Control solution.


LV Solutions provides reliable Security systems to secure your commercial property. Ensure you property and assets are protected 24/7. Call us today to implement a customized security solution for to protect your business.

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LV Solutions is a rapidly growing, low voltage, commercial systems provider.

We are continually seeking individuals to become members of our team.

UL# S24158 | License# EF0000043 | Nicet IV# 105010